Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm moving!!

Yep, we are moving! We have a new home at a new address and I am sooo excited. Have I lost you? We're not moving the blog is moving. Why, you ask?

I had been thinking about moving and changing the name as this blog has turned into something completely different from what I had planned. Since I really enjoy blogging about deals and couponing I wanted a name to reflect that. So after coming up with a list of names and narrowing it down to a few, one was finally chosen and it is Saverella!

I didn't want to reveal the site till the makeover was complete, but I have changed my mind. For the the past week I have been posting at Saverella.com a series called "2 Weeks to Becoming a Coupon Superstar". I had wanted to start off with basic couponing for those readers that are new to the game so they would have a reference to look at on the new site. So, I figured since I'm already posting that I might as well post everything there.

So, from now on you can find me at Saverella.com.

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Sweet Dole Fruit Coupons

Coupons.com has some new coupons out for Dole fruit. My favorite is the .50¢/1 coupon for any can of Dole fruit. The reason is that Krogers often has the canned pineapple on sale for $1, which means FREE!

Other coupons available are $1/2 Dole fruit bowls, gels or parfaits and .75¢/1 Dole Frozen Fruit. Print these now and wait for a sale as they don't expire until 12/31!!

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KFC: FREE 2 Piece Grilled Chicken Meal!

Yep, thanks to the Oprah Show, you can get a FREE 2 Piece KFC Grilled Chicken Meal with this coupon at KFC!! The coupon includes 2 pcs. grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit. Offer valid from 5/5/09 - 5/19/09, except Mother's Day. Coupon will be available until tomorrow at 9:59 p.m.

I love FREE food, like my friend says "it taste better". Remember to hit your back button, it printed four for me.

I did rush out to KFC for my meal and let me tell you it taste really good!

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Colgate Visible White $1 off Coupon

The Colgate website has a new coupon for $1 off Visible White toothpaste. I'd head over there now and print yours as you will want to have it for the week of 5/17 - 5/23 to use at Walgreens.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

CVS Trip

I had to do a number of transactions to keep my OOP low since I had so few ECB to work with. Therefore I will not be listing all my transactions instead will list the running totals.

6 Kelloggs Cereal
4 Adidas Deo
2 Dawn
2 Zantrex
2 Reeses
3 Listerine
2 Trident
4 Colgate
2 Gold Emblem Nuts
5 Coke 12 pk. Products

Value of Merchandise: $96.94
Coupons Used: $29.00
ECB Used: $62.98
Total OOP: $4.96 (on giftcard)
ECB Remaining: $25.00

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Target: Quaker True Delights .50¢ ea.

Target has the Quaker True Delights on sale for $2.50. There is $1/1 printable here. To take this deal over the top there is a $1 Target coupon here. In case you're wondering these are delicious. I stocked up the last time they were on sale, and still have plenty.

Thanks, It's Hip 2 Save!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

FREE Glucerna Cereal!!

I have been on the lookout for a coupon for this cereal. My father-in-law uses and loves this cereal however it is not cheap and he has run out. So, he's been asking if I've found any coupons yet and now I can tell him YES!

To get your coupon you have to call 1-877-879-4857 to give them your info and it's totally automated. At the end of the call if you would like you can participate in the short 3 question survey.

*TIP- Even if you don't use these they are still great to have whether to give to someone who will use them or trade for other Qs or product!

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