Thursday, November 27, 2008

WAGs Trip 11/27

5 Gillette Shaving Creams $13.95
Cash Register $4.99
Toy Phone $6.99
2 Razors $6.99
Subtotal: $32.92

Qs Used:
$7.20 Gillette WQ
$2.75 Gillette MQ
$6 Razor MQ
Total: $16.97 +tax ($18.37)

No RRs but still a good deal and I've got two more things off my Christmas shopping list!

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CVS 3 Day Sale

Happy Thanksgiving and early Merry Christmas to me!! I LOVE CVS!! Well, if you haven't done these deals, good luck finding the product. Cuz when we got there a little after 11 pm there were already several people there. They were already out of a few items, but lucky for me and Ana they had the items at the store on Crabb River rd. (woohoo!!)

I had such a great time, it was just so exciting getting all this stuff not only for free but to be PAID to take it. I mean how can you not love that. Plus everything went really well except for me going into the negative and having to find something to add on hence my 5 choc. bars. Hmmm, what will I do with them?

For those of you who haven't done these deals my advice is to go to a non 24 hr store atleast 30 mins before opening. I know you don't want to drive but these deals are worth it! And you know what they say you snooze you lose. I'm also excited cuz I spent no money OOP it came off my GC plus even then it still wasn't alot. On to the good stuff here's my load (that I have no idea where I'm going to put):
CVS Thanksgiving
If you don't see Christmas gifts in this pic, you should.

Merchandise total: $198.09
Total Q's used: $47
ECBs used: $138.98
OOP (on GC):$5.19
ECBs Earned: $187.65
Profit: $43.48

I could still get some more Bic and the Quattro and just may go back out in the morning.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Dessert to Die For!

Ok, so if any of you remember that absoulutely devine dessert I made for the anniversary dinner; you'll want to keep reading. I don't like baked fruit makes me gag if you must know. However I had a piece of this and it is really good! OMG! We're talking eyes rolling to the back of your head, toes curling and strange sounds coming from your lips, yes it's that good! Ok, I'll stop. Now, several ladies asked me for the recipe and I being true to form keep forgetting. So, the next best thing is to post it here of course. Make this for Thanksgiving your family will love you! And here it is what you've all been waiting for, the recipe:

Butterscotch-Apple Cake
adapted from Taste of the South by Noble Pig

1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups finely chopped, peeled apples
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup butterscotch morsels
Garnish: caramel sauce and whipped cream

Preheat oven to 350 degreesIn a large mixing bowl, mix together oil and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition. Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and cinnamon; beat well. Stir in vanilla, apples and pecans. (Mixture will be thick).

Spread mixture evenly in a greased 9 x 13 -inch baking pan. Sprinkle butterscotch chips over top. Bake for 55 minutes.

Cool completely in pan. Garnish each serving th caramel sauce and whipped cream.

If you make this let me know how it goes over. I'd love to hear from you.

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FREE Dr Pepper

You read right Dr Pepper is giving away a Dr Pepper to everyone (who registers, signs in and ask) in honor of Guns n Roses new album, blah, blah, blah. Just go get yours as the promotion ends today at 6 PM EST.

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CVS Trip Nov. 23


$5.98 2 Duracell 4 pk @ $2.99
$5.29 Crest SpinBrush
$23.97 3 RightGuard @ $7.99
$8.99 Complete
$8.99 Maybelline
$1 2 Hersheys @ $0.50
-$1.50 2-$0.75 Duracell Qs
-$5/2 CVS Duracell Q
-$2 Crest IP
-$2 Complete IP
-$3 Maybelline
-$10/50 CVS Q
-$30 ECB
Earned $40.98 in ECBs
Profit: $10.26

Let's see what all went wrong with this trasaction? First it wouldn't take my ECB, hence the candy. cashier would not push it through & the lady behind me was UP-SET with him about it. I had to tell him to void it so he could check her out & then we'd try the ECB first (ok 2nd after my $10/50). Well, that didn't work and guess what he pushed it through, ugghhh!! Then (yeah, there's more) I look at my receipt only to see that some of my ECBs did not print. So, I tell him he takes my product goes examines the shelves to make sure it's the right stuff then says he can't help me and calls someone else. Oy! She gives me the third degree but finally turns to the register scans my receipt pushes some buttons and prints my ECBs. I would of been impressed if I hadn't been so tired, instead it was just like; ehh! Ya know?

So, this means now they can print your ECBs on the spot if they don't print (not all stores) and for rain checks. That about sums up my trip, oh no there's one more thing. When my deo was being examined she did not put it back in the bag, which is why you only see two in the pic. Yep, had to call and let them know then go pick it up, and since I was there I let the manager know about his RUDE unfriendly cashier. He assured me he would take care of it and now I'm off to bed as Haley has finally passed out!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS Deals Nov. 23-29

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12oz $8.99, (limit 1 5)
- $1/1 Q (10/26 RP)
= $7.99
Profit $1.00
Earn $8.99 ECBs Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation $8.99, (limit 1 2)
- $3/1 (10/26 RP)
= $5.99
Profit $3
Earn $8.99 ECBs

Right Guard Professional Strength solid or aerosol deodorant $7.99 & earn $7 ECBs (limit 5)
= 99¢ after ECBs

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Only 1 insert this week

I was wondering why I didn't have a RedPlum in the mail this week. Well, it turns out there won't be one, boo hoo! That means in the paper there will only be a SmartSource insert. Go here to see a list of the Qs in it, this way you can decide if and how many papers you want to buy. Also remember no inserts next weekend due to the holiday.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

CVS Week of Nov. 16-22

Hmm, I was so sure I took a pic of my first deal: all my batteries, Loreal, Zantrex, Soft & Dri and the Glade glass scents. I'm guessing it got deleted. Oh, well here are the other deals I did:

$13.98 2 Glade Nightlight PlugIns
$7.98 2 Glade PlugIn Refills
$2.99 1 Glade Scented Oil PlugIn
$1.67 Vitamin Water
$0.99 Big Red
$1.19 Hand Sanitizer
-$13.98 B1G1 Q x2
-$4.99 Try Free Q (she gave me the max. value)
-$8.90 ECB
Earned $10 in ECBs

On this one I could not figure out how my total was not high enough to use my ECBs will it was becuz one I figured the total wrong plus on my FREE Q she put in the max. value of $4.99 instead of the cost of $2.99! This is why I had to add on the other items! Then when it still wouldn't take my ECB she pushed it through but entered 0.90 instead of $9, she then put in $8.90 instead of $8.10! So, I made out really good. Spent $9 in ECBs and .02 cash but made $10 in ECBs!!

CVS 11-19
Transaction 1:
$11.98 2 Duracell 8 pk
$14.99 Duracell Rechargeable 4 pk
$.99 2 CVS Tissue
-$2.25 (3 x$0.75 Qs)
$5/2 Duracell CVS Q
$1 CVS tissue CRT
$3/15 CVS Q
$15 ECB
$30 ECBs earned

Transaction 2:
$9.99 Duracell 16 pk
$14.99 Duracell Rechargeable 4 pk
-1.50 (2x.75 Q)
-$5/2 Duracell CVS Q
-$3/15 CVS Q
$15 ECB
$15 ECB Earned

I'm really happy with these deals since those rechargeable batteries are so expensive and we really needed them for mine and Bobby's cameras.

$10.98 2 Glade scented oil candles
$7.99 Glade fan PlugIn
$2.99 Glade Refill
-$2.99 B1G1 Q
-$2 Glade scented oil Q
-$7.99 B1G1 Q
-$5 ECB
-$1 ECB
Earned $10 in ECBs

I knew something was off here and I wasn't paying attention cuz Haley was crying. Once I went over my receipt I realized he had taken off $2.99 instead of $5.49. He said he could only give me $3.49 cuz I'd used a $2 Q, I said this was fine but he gave me the full $5.49. He should have only given me $2.50. If he had done it right my OOP would of been $0.48 but due to the mistake it wound up being $.00 plus I got $2.26 cash on top of my ECBs!

$10.98 2 Glade scented oil candles
$7.99 Glade fan PlugIn
$3.99 Glade Refill
$4.99 Calculator
-$5.49 B1G1 Q
-$2 Glade scented oil Q
-$7.99 B1G1 Q
-$10 ECB
Earned $10 in ECBs

On this one I could of gotten a cheaper filler (wanted to use my $10 ECB) but I really needed a new calculator since I lost mine. I am so sad about this cuz it was a really nice one. (tear) Yes, I know I could of gotten one for cheaper than $2.47 but if I didn't buy it then I would of kept putting it off! I'm weird like that.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

CVS Glade Deals

CVS has a Glade deal this week buy $10 worth and get $5 in ECBs. There are quite a few ways to do this deal and still come out on top. Remember this is a cumulative deal meaning if you do one transaction and your total cost is $12.78 the $2.78 carries over to meet your next $10 purchase. Also the limit is 5 just mix and match according to product available plus the amount of ECBs you have to spend (this is where a calculator comes in handy or your cellphone). Another thing to keep in mind is how big of an ECB do you want if you did the limit of 5 in one transaction you'd wind up with a $25 ECB and these can be harder to spend. Now, on to the deals:

2 Glade scented oil candle holders @ $6.39=$12.78
-$6.39 B1G1 Q or IP
-$2 Q (blinkie or IP)
$5 ECB earned
PROFIT $0.61

Glade PlugIns scented oil refill pk. $3.99
Glade PlugIns scented oil holder $6.99
-$6.99 Buy any oil refill get holder free Q
$5 ECB earned
PROFIT $1.01

4 Glade Glass Scents @ $2.50 ea.= $10.00
-$5.00 (2 B1G1 Qs)
$5 ECB earned
FREE after ECBs

4 Glade scented oil plugins @ $2.99=$11.96
-11.96 (4 FREE peelie Qs from Wags)
$5 ECB earned
PROFIT $5.00

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

CVS Deals Nov. 16-22

ECB Deals
1 L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector Moisturizer $15.99, (Limit 1)
-$1/1 Q (9/21 RP or 10/19 SS)
Free plus $1 overage after Q & ECBs

Zantrex-3 $4.99, Get $4.99 ECBs (Limit 1) FREE after ECBs

Buy $10 in Select Glade products, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 5)
4 Glade Glass Scents at $2.50=$10.00
-B1G1 Qs (10/12 SS)
=$5.00 FREE after coupons and ECBs
*You will not find these locally as one store was out and the other well, let's just say I've been there!

Soft & Dri $2.99
-$0.50 Q (or $0.55 peelie on product)
=$2.49 or $2.44
$0.49 or $0.44 after $2 ECBs

Buy $20 of any Duracell Batteries, Get $15 ECBs (Limit 3)
Buy 2 8 packs of batteries at $5.99 & 1 16 pk @ $9.99=$21.97
-$2.25 (3 $0.75 Qs from 10/26 RP or Todays RP)
=$19.72 OOP
Total cost after ECBs: $4.72 for 32 batteries. This is a great deal if you have 3 of these Qs!
Remember you'll repeat this and pay with your $15 ECBs making your OOP $4.72 unless you have another ECB to use.

Now if you can find the infamous $5/2 Qs from CVS tearpad (Q states only one per customer) your OOP would be $14.72 making them FREE. Before any of you go searching in our local area let me just tell you not to even waste your time! However, if you pass a Houston store stop and look you'll need 3 as the limit is 3. Remember to share the wealth (meaning grab some for yo sistas)!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Blue Bell $1.99!

Kroger is having a sale tomorrow ONLY items include:
Blue Bell ice cream for $2.99 with additional $10 purchase. Use $1/1 IP and pay $1.99! Limit 1
Tyson Split Chicken Breast is $0.79 lb.
Mini Peeled Carrots $0.49 ea. Limit 4

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WAGs $5/$20 Nov. 14&15

Wags has a new $5/$20 Q good for Friday & Sat. only. If you haven't bought your FAR (Free after rebate) items now is a good time. I'm hoping to get some Nestle choc. chips and Loreal FAR. Here are a couple of good deals:

Loreal $14.99
-$2 MQ or $1 MQ
=$12.99 or $13.99 FREE after ESR

Schick Trimmer $6.99
-$3 IVC
-$2 IP

Kellogs 4/$10
-4)$1 MQ
$1 ea. after $2 RR

Pampers $9.99
-$1.50 MQ
$7.49 after $1 RR

2 Pampers $19.98
Pencil $.25
-2 $1.50 MQ
$11.23 after $1 RR making the Pampers $5.49 ea. +tax

Libby's Pumpkin $.99 with in ad Q
2 @$0.99=$1.98
-$1/2 IP
=$0.98 WYB 2($0.49 ea.)

Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrush $0.99 with in ad Q
-BOGO Q (10/12) Give this first.
=$0.19 WYB 2

Progresso Soups 4/$5 with in ad Q
-$1.10/1 IP

B.C. Frosting $0.99 with in ad Q
-$0.55/1 IP

Coffee Mate Creamer 2/$2.49 with in ad Q
-2 $1/1 IPs
=$0.49 for two after coupons

Schick Quattro $6.99
-$3 IVC
-$4 MQ (Dec. All You Mag.)

Of course it's the end of the week so your store may already be OOS. Good luck!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

WAGs week of Nov. 9-15

2 B.C. Frosting $1.98
2 Zout $3.99
2 Softsoap $7.98
Subtotal $13.95
B.C. $0.55
SoftSoap $2.00
RR $6.00
Total: $5.40+tax
RRs Earned: $4.00
Loss $7.40 However I will be sending in for a MIR on the Zout getting back the full purchase price. I'm also just realizing that they didn't scan my other frosting Q. Bummer!

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CVS Trip Week of Nov. 9-15


I just had to do the Sun., Mon. deals cuz I love Free and you can't beat $0.24 dish soap. Here's how my trip went:
Trans. 1
Loreal Adv. Revitalift $11.99
St. Ives Body wash $3.99
Subtotal: $15.98
Loreal $1
CVS $3/$15
ECBs $9.99
ECBs Earned: $14.99
PROFIT: $3.02

Trans. 2
3 Palmolive @ $1.49= $4.47
1 Garnier hairspray $2.99
3 St. Ives @$3.99= $11.97
Subtotal: $19.43
3 Palmolive @.25= $0.75
1 Garnier $1.00
CVS $3/$15
ECBs $13.99
Total: $.69+tax
ECBs Earned: $14
Loss :$0.68

Trans. 3
Garnier mousse $2.99
Loreal $11.99
Subtotal: $14.98
Garnier $1.00
Loreal $1.00
CVS $3/15
ECBs $9.00
Total: $0.98
ECBs earned: $13.99
Profit: $4.01

Trans. 4
Smartwater $1.59
3 St.Ives $11.97
Subtotal: $13.56
CVS 3/15
ECBs: $8.98
Total: $1.58+tax
Profit: $0.03

You're probably wondering how I was able to use a $3/15 on this transaction. What happened was I had some other items however the cashier wouldn't take my Q so I had her take them off which lowered my total but the $3/15 had already been taken.

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Kroger-FREE Reynolds baking cups

Kroger has the Reynolds baking cups 50 ct. for $0.75 use your $0.25 Q (11-09 SS) to make them FREE!!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

CVS Sun. & Mon. Only Deals

Buy 1 L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Serum at $11.99, Get $11.99 ECBs (Limit 1) Use $1/1 coupon from 9/7 inserts Free plus $1 overage after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 St. Ives Bodywash (18 oz.) at $3.99, Get $3 ECBs (Limit 4) $0.99 ea. after ECBs

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CVS Week of Nov. 2-8

Transaction 1:
2 Pampers $20.00
2 Crest $6.98
Subtotal: $26.98

Q's Used:
2 Pampers $1.50/1
2 Crest $.75/1
CVS $4/20
ECBs $10
TOTAL: $8.48
ECBs w/purchase: $11.98

I actually paid $6.50 when you take into account the ECBs ($10 ecbs+$8.48 cash=18.48-$11.98 ecbs=$6.50). Makes me happy!!

Transaction 2:
Pert Plus $2.50
4 Crest $13.96
Subtotal: $16.46

Qs used:
Pert $2/1
4 Crest $1/1
CVS $3/$15
Total: $7.46
ECBs w/purchase: $13.96
Profit: $6.50 ($13.96 ecbs-$7.46 cash=$6.50)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

WAGs week of 11/2-11/8

Last week I made 3 trips to Wags and a number of RRs that were fixing to expire. I'm still bummed that there weren't any good deals to roll them on. Oh well, you win some you lose some.
Here's my first transaction:
I paid $2.97 OOP after Qs and RRs. The medicine came out to $0.99 ea and the razors were FREE after RRs!

2nd transaction:
Subtotal: $84.44
Q savings: $63.50
RRs used: $18.50
Total OOP: $2.44

Transaction 3:
Subtotal: $22.72
Q Savings: $17.37
RRs used: $4.50
Total OOP: $0.85

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Kroger Mega Saver Event Trip 2 & 3

Kroger 11/06

Okay, on Thurs. I went back to Kroger to get my money back on the items that rang up wrong on the previous purchase and since I was there I went ahead and did another transaction. I got another 30 items (pic is missing sugar and a Vitamin water) for a grand total of $14.58!

Then on Friday I went with a friend to another Kroger that has a much friendlier coupon policy. I'm now jealous of those of you who have a Kroger nearby like this. Back to the issue, here's what I got:
Kroger 11/07
On this transaction I only did 20 items for the Mega Event, however my total items was 26 for a grand total of: $8.16. I'm upset that one of my loadable coupons didn't come off costing me $1.29. Hey, you'd be surprised with what I could do with $1.29? Ok, ok and some coupons.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

CVS Deal Plan

Looks like I'm off to a few CVS in hopes of finding the Crest toothpaste and using my $5/$25 Q. My deals will look like this:

2 Pampers $20
2 Crest $6.98
Subtotal: $26.98
Pampers $3
Crest $2
ECBs $10
TOTAL: $6.98
ECBs Earned: $11.98

So, that makes my pampers $5 works for me! Now if I find the trial Crest strips I plan to do this:

4 Crest strips $23.96
2 Crest $6.98
Subtotal: $30.94
4 Crest strips $28.00
2 Crest $2.00
TOTAL: $.94
ECBs Earned $6.98
Profit $6.04

Now if they have 2 Ice breakers and enough candy for the deal than along with my $5/$25 Qs and overage I'd pay $3 OOP for the candy and after ECBs I'd still have a profit of $1.06. Woohoo!! Ok, I'm off to shop.


Of course they were out of stuff so I had to change my plan. Here's what I got:
Subtotal: $29.99
Q's Used: $11.00
ECBs Used: $12
Total OOP: $6.99+tax
ECBs w/purchase: $7.00
Total cost after ECBs: $11.99

Pretty good price on the diapers when you figure in the pantene was $4.99/3 making the Pampers $3.50 ea. I know I didn't get any ECBs back but since they helped to buy diapers I'm ok with it. This deal wasn't as good as the one I had planned but still not bad. If I've learned anything it's to be prepared to have to change you scenario cuz more than likely they will be out of something.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kroger Mega Saver Event

Kroger 11-6

Well, today's trip went pretty good. I did have to make a few adjustments to my list cuz I couldn't find the Scotch lint rollers and they were out of the BIC Razors. So, I bought 2 Vitamin water, 2 Shout and a Pledge to meet my 30 items. I did have a problem with the Dial hand soap, the one I had wasn't attached to the sale? Got a different scent and all was well. The best thing about this trip: Haley was not a total monster Good! Atleast right up until check out, which really is all a mom can ask for.

On to the good stuff I got all of the above (33 items) for $15.37. I did have a $5 credit on my account from some ESQ's that didn't work so total before that is $20.37. I'm looking at my receipt and see that two items rang up wrong so I will be going back to get my money and thereby geting them for free! That's $2.48 in my pocket. Ya gotta love it!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kroger Deals Nov. 5-11

There are some great deals this week. I'm only listing items on sale that have coupons, so check your local ad for further deals plus I'm sure I've missed some coupon deals. Don't forget that you can load coupons on to your Kroger Plus card. Sign up here and here to register your card and to add your coupons. For even greater savings, you can match up your paper coupons with the coupons on your card! Note: coupons loaded to your card are face value - they do not double.

10 Item Mega Event
* Buy any combination of ten participating items listed below and receive $5 off of your order (Limit 3 $5 rewards per transaction). You can mix & match between all price points, you do not have to purchase 10 items from each category ($1, $1.50, $2, $2.50, $3). Please note: all "Final Prices" listed below assume that you have earned the $5 off.
Sale Price: $1.00/ea OR $0.50/ea When you Buy 10 (from any category)
* Carnation Evaporated Milk (12 oz); use $0.50/2 in 9/14 & 11/2 Red Plum inserts; $1/2 here; Final Price = FREE when you buy 2
* Ice Mountain Water (3 lt. bottle); use $1/2 in 8/24 Red Plum insert; Final Price = FREE when you buy 2
* Scotch Brite Scrubber or Lint Roller (1 ct); use $1/1 in 10/5 Red Plum insert; Final Price = FREE
* Swiss Miss Cocoa Mix (8-10 ct); load a $0.50/2 coupon on to your Kroger card here; Final Price = $0.25/ea when you buy 2
Sale Price: $1.50/ea OR $1.00/ea When you Buy 10 (from any category)

* Betty Crocker Cookie Mix (17.5 oz); use $0.75/1 here (print 2); Final Price = FREE plus possible overage (Note: there was also a $0.40/1 in the 10/19 Smart Source insert which would make these $0.20/ea)
* Colgate Toothpaste or Colgate Wave Total Toothbrush (6 or 6.4 oz); use $0.75/1 toothpaste in 10/26 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $0.25
* Dial Liquid Hand Soap (7.5-11.25 oz); use $0.30/1 in 10/5 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $0.40/ea
* Duncan Hines Frosting (16 oz); use $0.50/1 here (cream cheese frosting only); Final Price = FREE (if this variety is included in sale) Also you can use $0.75 off purchase of cake and frosting MQ from 10-12 SS insert. Cake mix and frosting Final Price= $1.25
* Quaker Oats (18 oz); use $0.50/1 in 9/7 Red Plum insert; Final Price = FREE

Sale Price: $2.00/ea OR $1.50/ea When you Buy 10 (from any category)
* Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks; use $0.50/2 in Sept. 08 Better Homes and Gardens & Parents magazine; Final Price = $1/ea when you buy 2
* Cinnamon Toast Crunch (12.8 oz); use $0.55/1 here and here (print 2); Final Price = $0.40/ea
* Cocoa Puffs (11.8); use $1/2 here; Final Price = $1/ea when you buy 2
* Eagle Brand Condensed Milk (14 oz); use $0.55/1 in All You magazine (Issue 11, November 21, 2008); Final Price = $0.40/ea
* Lucky Charms (11.5); use $1/2 here; Final Price = $1/ea when you buy 2
* Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn (2-4 ct); use $0.40/1 in 10/12 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $0.70/ea
* Pillsbury Toaster Strudel (11.5 oz); use $1/1 here; Final Price = $0.50/ea (note: there is also a $0.35/1 in 9/7 GM insert)
* Stouffer's Red Box Entrees (6-21 oz); use $1/3 in 11/2 Red Plum insert; Final Price = $1.17/ea when you buy 3
* Trix (10.7 oz); use $1/2 here PLUS add a $0.55/1 on to your Kroger card here; Final Price = $0.73/ea when you buy 2

Sale Price: $2.50/ea OR $2/ea When you Buy 10 (from any category)
* Advil Pain Reliever (20-24 ct); $1/1 when you sign up here; Final Price = $1/ea (note: there is also a $1/1 in the 11/2 Red Plum insert for Advil PM if that is included in this sale)
* Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (15.5-19.6 oz); use $0.45/1 here (print 2); Final Price = $1.10/ea
* Bic Sensitive or Silky Touch Razors (10-12 ct, disposable); use $2/1 in 10/12 Smart Source insert; Final Price = FREE
* Carefree Liners (34-60 ct); use $1/2 in 9/28 Red Plum insert or $0.50/1 when you sign up here; Final Price = $1.50/ea when you buy 2 OR $1/ea
* Land O Lakes Butter (1 lb); use $0.55/1 here; Final Price = $1.45 ea
* Nestle Morsels (10-12 oz); use $0.50/2 here, $0.75/2 here, $0.50/1 in 9/14 Red Plum insert & 11/2 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $1.00-$1.50/ea
* Palmolive Dish Detergent (20-25 oz); use $0.25/1 in 10/26 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $1.25/ea
* Peter Pan Peanut Butter (14-18 oz); use $0.50/1 in All You, October 2008; Final Price = $1/ea

Sale Price: $3/ea OR $2.50/ea When you Buy 10 (from any category)
* Breyers Ice Cream (48-64 oz); use $0.50/1 in 10/26 Red Plum insert; Final Price = $1.50/ea
* Gorton's Grilled Fish Fillets; use $0.50/1 in August All You magazine OR $0.75/2 here; Final Price = $1.75/ea when you buy 2
* Johnson's Baby Care (select, 2-15 oz); use $1/1 in 11/2 Red Plum or $1/1 here, here, and here; Final Price = $1.50/ea
* Listerine Mouthwash (500 ml); use $0.50/1 in 10/5 Red Plum insert; Final Price = $1.50/ea
* Lysol Disinfecting Spray (12 oz); use $1/1 in 10/12 Smart Source insert or $1/1 here; Final Price = $1.50/ea
* Pepperidge Farm Cookies or Crackers; try loading a $0.50/1 on to your Kroger Card here for a final price of $2/ea
* Pledge Furniture Polish (12.5-27 oz); use $2/1 here; Final Price = $0.50/ea
* Totino's Pizza Rolls (40 ct); use $0.35/1 here, here and here; Final Price = $1.80/ea
* Welch's Grape Juice (64 oz); use $1/1 in 10/5 Smart Source insert; Final Price = $1.50/ea

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'08 Election

Today will go down in History as the day the American people voted in the first African American president! We've come a long way and for this I am proud! I wish I could say I'm happy but I'm not. I knew deep down that Obama would win, and now it's time to suck it up and support him, I guess. Ok, well when he's Prez which means I have time to get used to it. Right? LOL!

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A Great Kroger Trip

Kroger 11/4
Transaction 1
2 Purex $5.00
2 Olay Ribbons Body Wash $7.98
1 Venus Razor $5.99
1 Mach 3 Razor $5.99
1 Always Infinity $5.49
1 HE Shampoo $2.49
1 HE Conditioner $2.49
Subtotal: $35.43

Q's Used:
$2 HE Esaver
$1 Always Esaver
3.99 Olay Esaver
$3 Venus Esaver
$3 Mach 3 Esaver
.50 Purex doubled to $1
.35 Purex tripled to $1.05
$2 Olay
$2 Olay
$2 Venus
$2 Mach 3
$2 Always CRT
$2 Always
$3 HE
Total: $5.39+tax

Kroger 11/4
Transaction 2
2 Purex $5.00
2 Olay Ribbons Body Wash $7.98
1 Venus Razor $5.99
1 HE Shampoo $2.49
1 HE Conditioner $2.49
Subtotal: $23.95

Q's Used:
$2 HE Esaver
$3.99 Olay Esaver
$3 Venus Esaver
.50 Purex doubled to $1
.35 Purex tripled to $1.05
$2 Olay
$2 Olay
$2 Venus
$3/2 HE
$4 CAT
Total: $.32 (just tax)

So, this was a really good trip. However I was bummed about there being no more Glade Q's the blinkie was gone. Wahh!! I was only sad for a bit cuz then I remembered what great deals there will be tomorrow! Woohoo, a shopping I will go, a shopping I will go! Hi Ho...............
Maybe I need a 12 step program? Nah!!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

CVS Week of Oct. 26-Nov. 1


2 Ricola $4
1 Crest Spinbrush $4.99
1 CVS Sanitizing spray $1
1 Nova Max $9.99
3 Sudafed $15
Total: $34.98

Qs used: $14.50
ECBs Used:$10
OOP: $10.48
Got $21.99 in ECBs
Profit: $1.51

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CVS Week of Oct. 19-25

Okay on this one I'm just lumping it all together instead of breaking it down.


7 Excedrin $13.93
3 Kleenex $2.67
1 Colgate MaxFresh $2.99
3 Colgate MaxFresh Toothbrushes $8.97
2 Listerine White Pens $19.98
2 Desitin $5.98
2 Lotion $5.98
2 Bodywash $5.98
1 Powerade $1.69
2 Huggies Pampers $19.98
1 Reinventing Beauty Mag $.99
1 Similac $23.99

Total $113.13
Q's & ECB's Used: $78.86
OOP: $34.27
ECBs Earned: $35.69

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