Friday, November 7, 2008

CVS Deal Plan

Looks like I'm off to a few CVS in hopes of finding the Crest toothpaste and using my $5/$25 Q. My deals will look like this:

2 Pampers $20
2 Crest $6.98
Subtotal: $26.98
Pampers $3
Crest $2
ECBs $10
TOTAL: $6.98
ECBs Earned: $11.98

So, that makes my pampers $5 works for me! Now if I find the trial Crest strips I plan to do this:

4 Crest strips $23.96
2 Crest $6.98
Subtotal: $30.94
4 Crest strips $28.00
2 Crest $2.00
TOTAL: $.94
ECBs Earned $6.98
Profit $6.04

Now if they have 2 Ice breakers and enough candy for the deal than along with my $5/$25 Qs and overage I'd pay $3 OOP for the candy and after ECBs I'd still have a profit of $1.06. Woohoo!! Ok, I'm off to shop.


Of course they were out of stuff so I had to change my plan. Here's what I got:
Subtotal: $29.99
Q's Used: $11.00
ECBs Used: $12
Total OOP: $6.99+tax
ECBs w/purchase: $7.00
Total cost after ECBs: $11.99

Pretty good price on the diapers when you figure in the pantene was $4.99/3 making the Pampers $3.50 ea. I know I didn't get any ECBs back but since they helped to buy diapers I'm ok with it. This deal wasn't as good as the one I had planned but still not bad. If I've learned anything it's to be prepared to have to change you scenario cuz more than likely they will be out of something.

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