Monday, November 24, 2008

CVS Trip Nov. 23


$5.98 2 Duracell 4 pk @ $2.99
$5.29 Crest SpinBrush
$23.97 3 RightGuard @ $7.99
$8.99 Complete
$8.99 Maybelline
$1 2 Hersheys @ $0.50
-$1.50 2-$0.75 Duracell Qs
-$5/2 CVS Duracell Q
-$2 Crest IP
-$2 Complete IP
-$3 Maybelline
-$10/50 CVS Q
-$30 ECB
Earned $40.98 in ECBs
Profit: $10.26

Let's see what all went wrong with this trasaction? First it wouldn't take my ECB, hence the candy. cashier would not push it through & the lady behind me was UP-SET with him about it. I had to tell him to void it so he could check her out & then we'd try the ECB first (ok 2nd after my $10/50). Well, that didn't work and guess what he pushed it through, ugghhh!! Then (yeah, there's more) I look at my receipt only to see that some of my ECBs did not print. So, I tell him he takes my product goes examines the shelves to make sure it's the right stuff then says he can't help me and calls someone else. Oy! She gives me the third degree but finally turns to the register scans my receipt pushes some buttons and prints my ECBs. I would of been impressed if I hadn't been so tired, instead it was just like; ehh! Ya know?

So, this means now they can print your ECBs on the spot if they don't print (not all stores) and for rain checks. That about sums up my trip, oh no there's one more thing. When my deo was being examined she did not put it back in the bag, which is why you only see two in the pic. Yep, had to call and let them know then go pick it up, and since I was there I let the manager know about his RUDE unfriendly cashier. He assured me he would take care of it and now I'm off to bed as Haley has finally passed out!

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