Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm moving!!

Yep, we are moving! We have a new home at a new address and I am sooo excited. Have I lost you? We're not moving the blog is moving. Why, you ask?

I had been thinking about moving and changing the name as this blog has turned into something completely different from what I had planned. Since I really enjoy blogging about deals and couponing I wanted a name to reflect that. So after coming up with a list of names and narrowing it down to a few, one was finally chosen and it is Saverella!

I didn't want to reveal the site till the makeover was complete, but I have changed my mind. For the the past week I have been posting at Saverella.com a series called "2 Weeks to Becoming a Coupon Superstar". I had wanted to start off with basic couponing for those readers that are new to the game so they would have a reference to look at on the new site. So, I figured since I'm already posting that I might as well post everything there.

So, from now on you can find me at Saverella.com.

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Daisy said...

Hi Lynn,
I wanted to let you know that I attempted to leave you a comment at your coupon blog but was unable to. The comments could be turned off(I've had that before). But then was unable to locate an e-mail for you to tell you..so I did a quick search and found your other blog. Whew!! Thank goodnes because you were probably thinking there wasn't any blogger love out there ;-)
Thanks for following my blog. Oh yes also your following is not active...I would love to add myself. Let me know when it's up & running. I'm in the process of a facelift so excuse the mess over at my place.

Lynn said...

Hi Daisy,
I always appreciate a little blog love. I'm sorry you weren't able to leave a comment. I will look into it and see what's up. I do know blogger was doing some maintenance last night so that may have been the problem. Hope you'll follow me!