Friday, October 3, 2008

My first WG's trip

Shelf Price: $74.18
OOP: $8.52
Total Savings: $65.66
RR's remaining: $16.50
Once you take off my OOP from the RRs I made $7.98!

I have to say Wags is a little bit confusing plus it's more work than CVS. However, the deals are worth it atleast this week. I am grateful to all those who blog about their scenarios and pretty much explain how to work Wags; I'd be lost without them.

As for today's trips I was sooo glad my cashiers were nice, I always worry I'll get a difficult one. Also my cashier even told me what a good deal I got and that he needed to start using Q's. Yea, made me feel good along with the fact that I spent less OOP then I had planned. After typing up my deals I see they used 1 coupon twice. I'll have to go back to WGs to fix it. I don't want anyone to get in trouble or ruin a good thing. Plus it's just not right.

My deals went like this:

Transaction 1:
2 Noticables kits $13.98
1 Noticable Refill $3.49
1 Febreeze Spray $2.49
5 Pencils (filler) $1.25
Sub Total: $21.21

Q's Used:
5/$1 Pencils (7 day)
3- $5 off Noticables

GRAND TOTAL: $1.04 (.96+tax)
Got $5 RR

Transaction 2:
5 Softsoap Bodywash $17.45
4 Pencils (filler) $.80
Gillete Fusion Razor $8.99
Sub Total: $27.24

Q's Used:
(5) $1 off Softsoap IVC
2 $1 off Softsoap
(2) $4 off Fusion- I just realized they pushed this through twice!
$5 RR from 1st transaction
GRAND TOTAL: $3.17 (.2.24+tax)
Got $10 & $4 RR

Transaction 3:
Oral B toothbrush $4.49
2 Infusium Conditioner $11.98
1 Infusium Shampoo $5.99
Bobby Pins $1.29
2 Wag CAB's $1.98
Sub Total: $25.73

Q's Used:
.75 off Oral B
(3) $2 off Infusium
$10 RR from 2nd transaction
GRAND TOTAL: $4.31 ($3.98+tax)
Got $8 & $4.50 RR

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