Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Supernatural Brownies

I don't know what has gotten into me but I've been doing a lot of baking lately. So, when we were short on things thanks to Ike, my family was having serious withdrawals. I finally just couldn't stand another moment of watching them suffer. I mean I had to save them. Ok, ok my own desires for something sweet may have played a very large small part in it. I chose to make my DH's favorite, brownies which meant I needed a recipe.
So, off I went to search through my thousands of cookbooks. No, not really that's what the WWW is for, hello! Of course it never fails me I did finally find one that I had all the ingredients for. I will say that I was worried cuz hubby likes his a certain way (that doesn't mean he won't eat them). Let me just say I worried for nothing cuz these things were delicious!! I mean there aren't any left I had to grab the last ones and put them up so DH could have some to take to work. They really are that good.
If you are on a diet or are trying to I don't know refrain from eating too many sweets; don't even fool yourself you WILL NOT have enough willpower to keep you from eating the whole pan much less two or three. Bottom line this recipe is a keeper and I will be making these again soon. Thank goodness baking items are fixing to start going on sale!

So, get your measuring cups out, grab the recipe from here and start baking. Have fun!

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