Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mexican Lasagna

I love trying new recipes. Especially ones that are quick and easy, although occasionally I will try a more epicurean dish. Alright once or twice a year *gasp*! Hello, I'm not Martha Stewart, I'm more Betty Crocker. Hey my hubby loves the Betty in me anyways I'm getting sidetracked. Where was I?

Oh yea, new recipe. As I've mentioned before I LOVE Pioneer Woman, I mean I wanna be like her when I grow up. Don't laugh. Have you read her stuff, cooked her fantabulous dishes? No, then please wipe that look off your face. I know what you're doing!! STOP IT or I'll....I'll....I'll I don't know but it'll be really bad!

Forgive me, I just had chocolate cake, sugar rush.

This dish wasn't by Ree (PW) but was posted on her site by Pastor Ryan. The first time I made it according to the recipe the second time I changed it up. You can find the recipe here. Just a warning it makes a LOT of rice so you may want to cut the amount down.

The second time I changed it up by making the rice the way I normally do. I browned my meat and used the seasonings according to the recipe, however once it was done I added in some enchilada sauce. I did use the black beans adding them to the rice and to the meat since I had so much. I then layered it per the instructions excluding the green sauce as my family doesn't care for it. It was a hit! Only thing I'd do differently next time would be to add a layer of tortillas on top of the meat, so it won't fall apart so easily, I'm wierd like that.

The original recipe is really good, I liked it anyway. My family, not so much. However my family doesn't like tomatoes, can't eat onions, thinks salsa verde is gross, blah, blah, blah! Pray for me.

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