Friday, February 27, 2009

Trip for the week

I hadn't gotten the chance to hit the deals since me and the monster are sick. However yesterday I had to go to Wags to fill a prescription so I did some shopping while I waited.

Transaction 1
Gamer $8.99
2 Hershey Bars $1.59
Phisoderm $2.59
Subtotal $13.17

$4 Gamer
$.89 Hershey
$2 Phisoderm
$.70 Wags Hershey Q
Total $5.99 w/tax
Got back $6 RR for Gamer

Transaction 2
2 Hershey Bars $1.59
2 SmartMouth $8.38
Charmin $4.79
Reynolds $1.59
2 Glade $17.98
Zucol $7.99
Subtotal $42.32

$.70 Wags Hershey Q
$8 Smart Mouth
$1.30 Charmin Wags Q
$.70 Reynolds Wags Q
$1 Reynolds
$8.99 BOGO Glade
$4.99 Glade Peelie
$2 Zucol
$6 RR
Total $8.64

I'm sad cause I missed my Hershey BOGO Q and I didn't have my .25 Charmin Q with me! Could of saved an additional $1.14! On a good note I will send in for the rebates on Glade and Zucol totalling $15.38 (this includes 10% for getting it back on a gift card!

Store 2
$1.59 Sobe
$1.59 Sobe
$6.29 Hoodia
$4.19 Smart Mouth
Subtotal $13.66

$1 Sobe ESQ
$1 Sobe
$4 SmartWash
Total $7.77 w/tax

Ok I went to this store looking for the Hoodia (it's a money maker) and lucked out cause there was only one box! However they did have 3 other kinds clearanced that qualify for the rebate. The Sobe wasn't the best price but DH had none left for work so I went ahead and grabbed them. I'm happy I found what I was looking for and will be getting back an additional $11 in rebates.

CVS Last Stop
2 6hr Energy $9.98
-$9.98 ECB
Got back $9.98

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