Friday, March 6, 2009

Notebook Experiment-Triple Chocolate Brownies

While doing some blog reading I came across Amy's Notebook Experiments and decided I wanted to do one. I chose to make the Triple Chocolate Brownies in her 2/25/09 entry. This should come as no surprise since I enjoy baking and do it quite often.

The reasons I chose to make the brownies was due to their simplicity and chocolatness (uhm, is that a word?). After making them I can tell you that yes they were easy to make except for that mixing part, OMG! It was sooo thick next time I'll make hubby do it. Now for the chocolaty part, ooh baby talk about chocolate bliss!

Oh and another thing I used different ingredients. I know I just can't help myself sometimes. Since I'm confessing I didn't dust them with sugar either I forgot. Alright, alright and so maybe I couldn't wait to taste them. Geesh!

Here's a pic which doesn't do'em justice.

Forgot to tell you the ingredients I did use were: Triple Chocolate cake mix, Chocolate Turtle pudding, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

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