Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walgreens Scenarios 4/26 - 5/2

I've been asked a few questions about how I shop at Wags. Questions like: Do I do multiple transactions? Do I buy it all at once? How do I roll RR. So, I'm going to do some transactions for you showing you how to effectively roll your RR. If you're not comfortable doing multiple transactions then just do 2 or 1. Also be courteous to other customers if someone comes up behind you let them go ahead.

Transaction 1
Bayer Monitor $14.99
-$14.99 Bayer Q
=FREE plus get $5 RR

Transaction 2
Nivea $4.99
Ecotrin $2.00

$1 Nivea
$5 RR from above
=$.99 OOP
Get back $5 & $2 RR
*if you printed the $2.25 Ecotrin Q then use it but add the $2.49 Bayer for $1.48 OOP.

Transaction 3
Rembrandt $5.99
-$5 RR from above
=.99 OOP
Get back $6 RR

Transaction 4
Nivea $4.99
Bayer $2.49

$1 Nivea
$6 RR from above
=.48 OOP

Merchandise Total: $35.45
Total spent: $2.46 plus tax
RR left: $9.50

*TIP- Write down on your RR what product it is from, so you won't use it on the same one. Meaning when you buy the Nivea on the $5 RR write: Nivea.

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