Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike's a coming?

Well, it seems like there is a real good chance that Ike will pay us a visit or at least let his presence be known. I am not happy about this and not for the obvious reasons. More like because now I'll have to wash our clothes, get packed, clean the house, have to take pics of or video the house for insurance purposes, etc. In other words work! Which also means I have to do what I can tonight while Haley sleeps, during the day it's harder for me to leave her sight. Man, I wish I had one of those sling thingies. (Yea, I said thingie.)

We did find out at church tonight that it will be open if we want to ride the storm out there. We may do this depending on how severe Ike becomes. So, it's pretty much wait and see but be prepared for the worst. So, I guess I better get to it...

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