Sunday, September 7, 2008


Haley & Bro. Wheat

Today we dedicated Haley. My baby looked so beautiful in her little dress. We even waited to put it on her till right before the dedication to avoid any accidents and you were such a good girl you waited till it was over to have one.

It was a very deep moment for me. As I listened to Bro. Wheat say a few words and once he asked if we would do our best to raise you according to the Word and to instill it in your heart I realized what a huge task I had ahead of me. I thought about the blessing you are; the answer to a prayer said so long ago, how he saved you and the enormity of His love just blew me away once again. What a perfect way to show my love for you both; to give back to Him what he has given me and to give to you the love and truth He has given me. Thank you, Jesus for my precious baby girl! I love you both.

Da Happy Family

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