Monday, December 29, 2008

Robi, Robi, Robi...

Woohoo! It's time for more Robi, as if I don't have enough already. When I first read about this deal I just couldn't believe it, that's just how great it is! Which means I just had to go out and try it, and it works. It turns out that there are a few overlapping deals, so till the 31st you can get back $20 RRs after that you'll get $15 and this one last till the 31st of next month. However the sale price of $4 is only this week.

Wondering what the deal is? Okay here it is.....You buy $20 dollars worth of Robitussin or Dimetapp and you get a $10 RR, plus you get a $5 RR for purchasing 3 Wyeth products. That's not all you also get a $5 RR for buying $10 in product for a grand total of $20 in RRs! What makes this such a great deal is that there are $2 Qs making this a MM. Here's how your transaction will look (you can buy all Robi or Dimetapp it's all the same):

3 Robi $12
2 Dimetapp $8
Subtotal $20

3 Robi $6
2 Dimetapp $4
Total: $10 plus tax (about $10.83)
Get back $10 RR, $5 RR, & $5 RR for a profit of $9.17!

Also if you have any RRs your OOP will be even lower. Just remember if you have enough Qs to do this deal twice you can't pay with the RRs from this deal if you do you won't get any more RRs. You can use RRs from another deal or just pay OOP. Either way it's a great deal!

Another note you should be able to print the Qs twice for the Robi and Dimetapp. However, I found out that if you're quick enough you can get up to six. After you hit the print box you'll get a box and you have to check yes as soon as you do this hit the back button twice, be quick and you might be lucky and get 6 like I did. If not do the four, then enter another email addy to get another 4. Happy shopping!

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