Monday, March 30, 2009

Wags Trip

I did several transactions since I was rolling my RRs back and forth. So, I won't be listing each transaction but will tell you what my total OOP and savings was for everything. I'll also list the deals I did at the end in case you want to do them.

Heres a pic, it's missing a number of items that were given away.

Merchandise Total: $139.45
Wags Free Item: $6.97
Coupon Savings: $59.12
RRs Used: $32.50
GC: $27.35
Total OOP: $14.49

I have $10 in RR and a FREE softsoap Q left. Will get back $8.48 plus 10%, for putting it on a GC, in ESR ($9.33).
Also will get back about $3 for Wags Qs I forgot to give.

Okay here's the deals:

Chapstick $1.99 FARR

Skintimate $2.49-$2.99 FARR

Softsoap $3.99 Get a coupon for next one FREE (did over and over but be warned they may fix this at anytime!) There is also a $1 Q for this in the March ALL YOU

Coke $1.39 plus Reeses $.89 (is free w/purchase) use $1 q for candy w/coke purchase= $.50

Listerine 2/$11- $1 q x2=$9
Get back $5.50 RR

Kotex 2/$6-$.75q x2=$4.50
Get $1 RR

Dawn .99 w/ad Q-.50q=.49

Mentos 2/$2-$1q x2=FREE

Walitin $6.99 FAR

One A Day $1.49 FAR

Just so you know if you plan to do the Softsoap, the Rosenberg store is only allowing you to do it once. My store only has two kinds left and I don't know about the Richmond one.

No mentos at Rosenberg either (unless they restocked). No, it wasn't me, it was the lady in front of me!

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