Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Wags Run

Ok, I had to make a quick run when I read about this deal. I'm so proud to say that yes, I went in got my stuff and left. I just set a record for myself, my hubby would be doubtful proud. In fact if I wouldn't of hurried I would of made better use of my Qs to work this deal better. Oh well! Now let's get to the good stuff.

Transaction 1
6 Dove $5.94
Chapstick $1.99

$4.50 Dove
$3 RR
=.43¢ on GC
Got back $6 & $2 RR
Profit $4.57

Transaction 2
6 Degree $5.94
Scunci $2.00

$3.75 Degree
$3.50 RR
=.69¢ on GC
Got back $6 & $2 RR
Profit $3.81

Total Profit $8.38!! Yes, I have plans for this extra windfall.

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