Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unilever Deal

Ok, so if you read about my shopping trip today you know I just scored big. You are probably saying "Come on don't hold out on me! Give me the details." Well, I can't you see I've been sworn to secrecy. Yep, it turns out it's "top secret". Sorry!

Ok, Ok! Not really. You know I'm gonna let you in. I'll also let you know not to bother going to my Wags. ~wink~

The deal is that the trial size Dove and Degree Deodorants are working for this deal. Buy 6 get $6 RR. It'll look like this:

6 Dove $5.94
-3 $1.50 qs from 3/15 RP
Get back $6 RR for a profit of $4.56


6 Degree $5.94
-6 .75¢ qs from 3/1 RP
Get back $6 RR for a profit of $4.56

If you need to mix them up according to the amount of Qs you have that is fine. Remember both of these deos are part of the same deal so you won't be able to by 6 of each at one time to get 2 RRs. You have to buy 6 at one time.

HURRY! Cuz once they catch on to this it will be fixed so go, NOW!

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